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UCL is proud to launch Sri Lanka’s first British Masters Degree in Digital Marketing Communications. Be aligned with the modern trends.

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Sri Lanka’s premier transnational higher education provider UCL in exclusive partnership with the University of Central Lancashire–UK offers the globally recognised MSc Digital Marketing Communications programme to provide you with cutting-edge knowledge and exposure on digital marketing to enhance your future career prospects!

Offered by the University of Central Lancashire, UK this one-of-a-kind programme is designed to develop your knowledge and specialist skillset that will enhance your digital marketing strategies and pivot you to becoming a leader in the digital global arena.

September and March
12 Months
Study Model
Physical Classes

Three Semesters

Contemporary Digital Communications (BM4000) – 40 Credits
Constantly evolving marketing communications are characterised by increased use of multiple media platforms including a variety of digital and non-digital channels that intersect within ever more complex customer ecosystems, both domestically and internationally. The module aims to develop the students understanding of digital marketing communication theory and practice. Identifying strategic issues in relation to digital marketing communication and to evaluate the opportunities for improved communication. On successful completion of this module students will display mastery of the specialised field of digital marketing communications knowledge, employing advanced skills and professional techniques to identify, interpret, analyse and consequently to recommend solutions to complex marketing communication problems.


Digital Marketing and Applied Social Media Marketing Strategies (BM4001) – 40 Credits
Students will investigate the strategic approach of digital marketing within the business environment. This will include but is not limited to social media and search engine marketing/optimization. Students will develop their knowledge of digital marketing in both the theoretical and application of knowledge. Students will be challenged to develop a full spectrum digital marketing study and develop a digital marketing and social media plan and strategy.


Consumer Psychology in the Digital Era (BM4002) – 20 Credits
This module provides an introduction to consumer behaviour from a psychological perspective and explores and how it’s related to the rise of an online consumer society. The module aims to investigate the consumers’ rational and irrational decisions in the digital era, and to introduce neuromarketing approaches. Students will have an overview of psychological knowledge as it pertains to capturing consumer insight, and includes a consideration of how the brain works, what factors influence consumer choice, and a critical evaluation of psychological assessment tools (including such diverse methods as brain imaging, computerized reaction time assessment, and eye-tracking).


Critical Thinking Skills for Postgraduate Study (BM4019) – 20 Credits
The module aims to develop postgraduate study and learning skills within the academic context. The module also seeks to encourage learners to consider and apply critical thinking and learning skills, as well as reflective practices to encourage introspective and resilient development. Learners are also encouraged to consider future learning needs via professional development planning.


Research Project (BM4200) – 60 Credits
The final Research Project can be completed in a topic of your interest in digital marketing. You’ll be able to independently plan and conduct research projects, while comprehending the influence of such research on practice, organisations, policy, and your personal approach.

This Research Project aims to:

  • Equip students to become skilled and critical researchers in Business and Management disciplines by undertaking an academic or practice-oriented research project.
  • Provide students with the knowledge and understanding to plan and undertake an independent research project.
  • Equip students to understand the impact of business and management research on practice, people, organisations or policy, and the student’s own practice.

The research project entails evaluating the appropriateness of different research methods for practical and applied research in the Business and Management disciplines. It also will focus on critically evaluating the appropriate theoretical and conceptual ideas relevant to gain insights on an issue or business or management challenge under investigation. Students are expected to analyse evidence relevant to the subject area and formulate appropriate research design and evaluate relevant information from primary and secondary sources as appropriate. The student will also have to define the outcome of research findings to inform future approaches, given its wider implications on organisations, practice or policy. The dissertation will ideally have to be applied to future employment or future study.

The British MSc Digital Marketing Communications programme is designed for individuals passionate about elevating their expertise in digital marketing and caters to a diverse audience. It welcomes UCL Alumni, bachelor’s degree holders with a minimum second-class lower division and professionals holding qualifications* equivalent to a UK Degree, such as CIM, SLIM, CIMA, ACCA*. Moreover, candidates with relevant work experience*, demonstrating their aptitude for mastering master’s-level studies, are also strongly encouraged to apply. (*Conditions Apply)

Total Course Free LKR 348,000 University Payment 1025 GBP

  • Payable in installments (Semester and Monthly). Student Loan facilities and easy payment schemes available.
  • Scholarship offer of 150,000* conditions apply

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