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The Diploma in Business is your first step towards completing your Monash Business or Commerce degree. You’ll learn how to work independently, think critically and make analytical decisions, while being introduced to the business concepts and theory you’ll need for university.
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February, June and October
8 months
Contact Hours
6 hours per unit, per week
Study Model
2 Trimesters
Trimester 1: 4 months Trimester 2: 4 months
MCD2020 Microeconomics MCD2040 Managing People and Organisations
MCD2050 Marketing 1: Theory and Practice MCD2160 Introduction to Financial Accounting
MCD2070 Business Law MCD2170 Foundations of Finance
MCD2080 Business Statistics And one of:
MCD2030 Managerial Communication
MCD2140 Business Mathematics (Business stream)
MCD2130 Functions and their Applications (Commerce stream)

Microeconomics (MCD2020)

Microeconomics is the study of humans in the ordinary business of life and recognises that people must make tradeoffs which involve costs between competing alternative uses of scarce resources. The unit aims to introduce students to the economic way of thinking.


Marketing 1 : Marketing Theory and Practice (MCD2050)

Develop a broad understanding of the formal discipline of marketing and the key marketing activities in business. Similarly, recognises marketing principles which can explain, predict and determine a course of action in a practical situation.


Business Law (MCD2070)

Introduces the way in which the law impacts business such as partnership law, law in relation to negligent conduct, and corporate laws.


Business Statistics (MCD2080)

Designed to provide skills in data analysis and statistical processes as applied to business and basic business computations and techniques.


Managing People & Organisations (MCD2040)

Enables students to develop an understanding of how organisations are managed and apply analytical skills to a range of managerial and organisational issues.


Introduction to Financial Accounting (MCD2160)

Provides an introduction to financial accounting guided by the Conceptual Framework and Accounting Standards. Emphasis is placed on accounting processes, practices and policies that enable financial statements to be prepared.


Foundations of Finance (MCD2170)

Introduces students to the concepts of finance, financial mathematics, investment analysis, the financial system, risk management and the relationship of finance to other commercial disciplines.


Managerial Communication (MCD2030) – Elective

This unit is designed to develop students’ awareness of communication issues and their own capacity as professionals to communicate effectively. Demonstrate competence in researching, reading, critically analysing, evaluating, and reporting both orally and in writing on a range of topics and issues in managerial communication.


Functions and their Applications (MCD2130) Commerce stream – Elective

Focuses on the behaviour of functions and examining some of the applications to the real world.
Further explores the composition through possible combination of different types of component functions alongside other functions such as transformations via shifting, scaling and reflecting.


Business Mathematics (MCD2140) Business stream – Elective

Aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to make effective use of mathematical ideas, techniques and processes in both business and everyday life.

  • Age : Minimum age is 17 years for Monash College Diploma

The fee is presently per semester LKR 1,660,000

  • Payable in installments. Student Loan facilities and easy payment schemes available
  • Scholarships up to 40%* conditions apply

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