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BA (Hons) International Business

Explore global business dynamics with UCLan’s International Business programme at UCL, developing a strategic mindset for a career at the crossroads of cultures and commerce.

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Navigating this intricate web requires a profound skill set and competence, especially when it comes to working with and for international firms. Recognising this need, our International Business Degree Programme provides a comprehensive understanding of various business dimensions and their intricate interactions on the global stage.

One distinctive aspect of our programme is the strategic partnership between UCL and CIMA, facilitating UCL undergraduates to seamlessly integrate the CIMA qualification into their academic journey through the CGMA Finance Leadership Programme (FLP).

3 years ( With Work Placement - 4 years)

This dynamic programme encompasses a range of subject areas meticulously crafted to cover economic, technological, and institutional dimensions essential for success in the fiercely competitive realm of international business. Students delve into the intricacies of analysis and evaluation, honing the ability to make strategic decisions crucial for the prosperity of international firms.

One distinctive aspect of our programme is the strategic partnership between UCL and CIMA, facilitating UCL undergraduates to seamlessly integrate the CIMA qualification into their academic journey through the CGMA Finance Leadership Programme (FLP).

  • BA (Hons) International Business with Work Placement (4 Years)
  • BA (Hons) International Business (3 Years)

BM1001: Creativity, Enterprise And Scholarship

Develop key skills in scholarship, research and learning technology to aid your academic studies. Using relevant themes as a basis, you’ll develop oral, presentation, debating, academic writing and research skills. The module will equip you with a complete ‘toolkit’ of academic, personal and professional skills.


BM1005: Business Landscape

This module aims to develop your understanding of the contemporary landscape of business. You’ll examine the internal and external environment of business and define the key issues that are impacting on business currently.


BM1006: Introduction To International Business

This module aims to introduce and provide you with the fundamentals and tools necessary for active participation in international business activity.


BM1007: Cultural Communication

This module will introduce aspects of national culture and cultural cohesion factors necessary for engagement in future work or business activity. You’ll explore how workplace values and traditions are influenced by national culture and differentiate between the multiple theoretical viewpoints on national culture – comparing various regions, nations and societies using existing cultural analysis tools.

BM2006: Global Political Economy

The module aims to provide the tools necessary to stimulate the you with aspects of political economy from a global perspective. You’ll examine world affairs in an era of expanding globalisation. Study the application of traditional international trade theories, economic growth and economic development in an ever-changing business landscape.


BM2007: Leading, Managing And Developing People

Building on the module BM1014, ‘Foundations of Effective People Management’, this module will provide a rigorous consideration of key factors that influence the employee life cycle. You will:

  • Analyse the human capital perspective.
  • Examine strategic human resource management and how data analytics is used to inform workforce planning and decision-making.
  • Assess the role of ethical and principled leadership in contemporary organisations.
  • Evaluate effective people management competencies.
  • Critically analyse equality, diversity, inclusion and well-being in HP practices.
  • Assess the role of the HP function/professional and line manager in effective learning and development.

Optional Modules


BM2005: Digital Marketing (Optional Module)

The module aims to provide you with insights into the core aspects of digital marketing. You will appreciate the multiple platforms and digital communication methods available to modern marketers. You will also consider the influences of digital marketing communication on consumer behaviour and organisational decision making. The purpose of the module is to prepare you for future digital marketing careers and provide opportunities to apply knowledge and skills in workplace environments, following the completion of your degree.


BM2008: Data Analytics For Business (Optional Module)

The aim of this module is to teach you how data is acquired, cleaned, transformed and visualised. Furthermore, it aims to enable you to

  • Gain experience and develop an understanding of the discovery and interpretation of meaningful patterns in business data
  • Find and analyse data for identified business and management problems
  • Select appropriate approaches to gain insights that help organisations with decision making
  • Communicate and share data effectively with stakeholders to support evidence-based decision-making.


BM2047: The Business Professional (Optional Module)

Please note this module is compulsory to progress from Year 1. This module is designed to enhance your awareness of the value of skills and attributes and management frameworks in gaining employment The module will supportyou in enhancing employability skills and make informed career-choices using graduate labour market research. It aims enable you to reflect on and learn from experience. You will be able to plan effectively for the future.


Sandwich Option Information (Optional Module)

Our sandwich degrees offer the perfect blend of academic study and practical work experience, allowing you to build confidence in the workplace and graduate work-ready from your degree programme.

Our previous graduates have found their sandwich year particularly beneficial as it has allowed them to gain practical, hands-on experience within their chosen career and the opportunity to learn directly from professionals based out in industry. It is not uncommon for sandwich year programmes to also open up future work opportunities in similar fields or professions for our graduates.

BM3001: Business Strategy

This module provides an introduction to strategy and a range of models and theories so you can understand their use in different contexts. The focus is on the development of strategy and strategic concerns given that strategy is inextricably linked to the nature, structure, and success of business.


BM3009: Contemporary Issues in Sustainability

This module will explore the key issues in sustainability, and ethics. It will encourage you to apply this knowledge to critically appraise the complex interactions and trade-offs between environmental, economic. and social objectives.


BM3010: Doing Business in Emerging Markets

The aim of the module is for you to appraise and determine workable solutions that aid in the process of doing business in emerging markets. You’ll study subjects such as the importance of the rise of the middle-class consumer and evaluate the impact of rapid market liberalisations, industrialisation and urbanisation of markets that shape two-thirds of the modern world.


BM3007: The Future Of Work (Optional Module)

The Future of Work module will cover contemporary issues in international labour markets. Including the ongoing issues that are changing the labour market landscape, offering a reflection of topical research themes, based on both theoretical and applied policy studies.

Optional Modules would be available subject to availability.


BM3011: Cross-Cultural People Management (Optional Module)

This module aims to combine a concise overview of cross-cultural people management concepts through a learning-by-doing approach appropriate to aspiring graduates at stepping into the job market.

Optional Modules would be available subject to availability.


BM3013: Operations And Supply Chain Management (Optional Module)

You’ll develop knowledge and critical awareness of the role of supply chains within the context of strategy/international business. You’ll engage with the value and importance of supply chains in a successful organisation. And you’ll investigate the role of operations in supply chain management that links to the distribution network.

Optional Modules would be available subject to availability.


BM3035: Business And Management Project (Optional Module)

The aim of this module is to encourage you to evaluate management processes and contexts by researching live organisational issues, problems, challenges and opportunities.

Optional Modules would be available subject to availability.

The fee is presently for 4 years LKR 2,660,000

  • Payable in installments (Semester and Monthly). Student Loan facilities and easy payment schemes available.
  • Scholarships up to 50% * conditions apply

Scholarships available subject to terms and conditions, Please get in touch with your program counsellor.

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