What is this Programme?

The Universal College Lanka – UCL Campus in Collaboration with the Industry leaders in Business and IT has established a work and study scholarship programme that would empower students after A/L’s with good results to work in their dream organizations whilst enjoying a 100% scholarship to study a degree from a top 100 University in the UK with a student allowance from the respective sponsoring organizations.

These degrees are offered by the University of Central Lancashire UK which was established in 1828 with an educational excellence of 192 years in the disciplines of Software Engineering and International Business. The students are considered as internal students of the respective UK University once after the registration.

The Scholarship students too will enjoy all perks at UCL Campus.

The duration of the programme is 4 years and the programme will be conducted completely free of charge for the qualified student under this Scholarship Programme.

Upon completion of the degree, scholars will have 4 years of work experience, making them highly employable graduates both locally and internationally.

Undergraduate Programmes on Offer

• BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
• BA (Hons) International Business

Minimum Entry Requirements

• G.C.E. A/L: Priority will be given to students with 3 Credit Passes OR above for main subjects in any stream
• G.C.E. O/L with Credit Passes for Mathematics and English OR equivalent

* Please note that these are minimum entry requirements and those who are with Extracurricular activities, Sports (School level, District and National) Leadership (Prefects in school) will be given extra points.

Benefits of UCL Work & Study Scholarship Programme for the Student (Candidate)

• 100% free degree from UCL
• Bachelor’s degree certificate from University of Central Lancashire UK, Top 100 UK University, (Since 1828) and one of the largest Universities in the UK
• Qualifying from a UGC recognized UK University.
• Opportunity to work in a reputed company as an intern
• Free 3 months induction/ skill development programme prior to the degree
• Extensive training on student soft skill development
• Opportunity to engage in all extracurricular activities at UCL
• Graduate with 4 years of work experience in the relevant industry
• High demand for UCL graduates with higher salary scales

Benefits for the organization (Employer)

• A 3 months trained undergraduate of the respective field (IT / Business) will be employed
• Proven track record of these type of students breaking even is within 9 months (Usually an employee probation is also six months)
• The student will develop according to the organization’s culture and requirements (As it is the student’s first encounter with an organization hence it is easy to develop the student according to the sponsoring organization’s corporate culture and requirements )
• The organizations will benefit better in their second, third and final years, since the organizations would obtain work from a 2 to 3-year experienced scholarship intern.
• According to the agreed bond the student would work for the same company for additional 2 years after graduating.

Why is UCL competitive compared to similar products in the industry

• The student completes the degree within 4 years
• Will serve the same company for additional two years after completing the degree.


To be eligible to obtain the 100% free scholarship the applicants must;

• Possess the minimum required qualifications
• Pass the Selection Test conducted by UCL
• Pass the Selection Interview conducted by UCL along with the industry (The eligible candidate will be offered the suitable degree based on their results.)

• Students who meet the above requirements only will be eligible for the scholarship scheme if selected as an intern from a sponsor company.