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UCL celebrates 7 years of Excellence in Transnational Higher Education!

Celebrating excellence in higher education over the past 7 years is not only a feather in the cap of UCL but speaks volumes for its commitment and relentless drive to emerge as the leader in Transnational Education in Sri Lanka.

Established in 2015, Universal College Lanka (UCL) has become a symbol of excellence to discerning students seeking quality education across the globe. From pathway programmes to global destinations in the ilk of Monash University – Australia and Dalhousie University – Canada and degree completion programmes from the University of Central Lancashire – UK, each distinct programme and destination spells success for the student. Our policy of adopting stringent international standards enacted with each partner university, enables us to maintain global best practices as a world- class higher education provider.

The Board of Directors, Management and the rest of Team UCL possess an enlightened business ethos and an uncompromising commitment to quality education, in the quest to offer discerning students the best of global and local opportunities that translate to top-notch jobs and careers. Our quest for perfection comes from adopting a ‘Student- First’ approach and delivering a high quality teaching and learning experience, inclusive of research- led syllabi and the freedom for students to be innovative and creative in a modern ambience, state-of-the art facilities and an array of recreational activities. With high academic outcomes a great student experience as a benchmark of excellence, UCL speaks volumes for each student’s journey in search of excellence, success and fulfilment.

Our vision of quality education empowering the youth of Sri Lanka will be a catalyst in contributing to the economic growth and development of the country through professional careers, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Highly Qualified Faculty
UCL’s lecture panel comprises of eminent academics whose qualifications are on par with the best in the world, with 32% of our faculty holding PhDs. They possess the requisite skills, talent and experience to prepare and steer our students to excel at UCL and beyond. They have emulated the ideals of their lecturers by winning over 350 Monash Global Awards of Excellence and gone on to emerge as the most outstanding graduates at Monash University. In the British Degree programmes delivered at UCL, 80% of its Graduates achieved First Class Honours at the inaugural University of Central Lancashire Graduation held in Sri Lanka. Student needs are at the heart of each lecturer to produce global graduates of exceptional quality.

Great Student Experience
UCL is the champion’s champion. We amalgamate academics and sports and the two are inextricably intertwined to produce and all-round student. The UCL Student Council provides the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills by empowering them to plan, organise, conduct and actively participate in a variety of sports, activities and events, to enhance student engagement and enrich the student experience at UCL.

UCL has become the benchmark of quality, prestige and affordability in transnational education among discerning students in an increasingly knowledge- based global economy.