BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Only 4-Year British Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Sri Lanka

Universal College Lanka (UCL) is proud to present the first and only 4-year British Electrical and Electronic Engineering Degree programme in Sri Lanka, awarded by the University of Central Lancashire, UK (UCLan). Notably, the University of Central Lancashire has been honoured with the prestigious 'University of the Year’ accolade at the esteemed 'Edufuturists Awards 2023', further underlining the excellence and quality associated with this educational opportunity.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a dynamic discipline focused on the exploration and utilisation of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetisms, underpinning crucial advancements in renewable energy, wireless communications, integrated circuits, and smart technologies for the modern interconnected world.

The degree programme offers a wide-ranging scope, centering on the in-depth study and practical application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics essential for the adept design, meticulous maintenance, and optimal functioning of sophisticated electrical and electronic equipment. Encompassing critical domains such as computer hardware, industrial machinery, electrical motors, and intricate computer chips, it equips graduates to excel as proficient engineers in the cutting-edge landscape of technology-intensive industries.

In addition to the traditional areas, modern electrical and electronic engineering will also encompass cutting-edge fields such as renewable energy systems, digital signal processing, nanotechnology, and the internet of things (IoT), shaping the development of sustainable technologies, advanced communication systems, and miniaturised electronic devices for a rapidly evolving world.

BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronics Engineering Degree

The BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering course aims to develop graduates with a broad understanding of current technology and practice in electrical & electronic engineering, covering the relevant aspects of analogue and digital electronic systems and additional specialist areas according to the modules studied.

Why choose BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering Degree at UCL?
  • Prestigious internal degree awarded by the University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • Opportunity to gain eligibility to apply for recognition from Engineering professional bodies locally and internationally.
  • Gain practical skills with compulsory internships in leading Engineering Firms in Sri Lanka.
  • Exceptional A-Grade Faculty: consisting of experts from academia and industry.
  • Scholarship opportunities up to 75%* for outstanding merit, sports and leadership achievements
  • Financial support
    • Annual or modular based payment options
    • Loan facilities*
Entry Criteria

Entry into Year 1 in Sri Lanka is equivalent to Year 1 in Preston and will require a 60% overall score in Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) with Maths and Physics at C. GCE Advanced Level (Cambridge or Edexcel) is also acceptable. Further following entry requirements from the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) should be met.

• Minimum of 2 “C” passes and 1 “S” pass in Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) in the Physical Science Stream (Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) in one and the same sitting.

• Minimum of 2 “B” passes and 1 “C” pass in GCE Advanced Level (Cambridge or Edexcel) covering Mathematics/ Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in one and the same sitting.

English should be at the standard IELTS level required (or equivalent) by the University for admission to Year 1 (Level 4) in Preston, i.e. an overall IELTS score of 6.0 or higher with no sub score below 5.5, or 65 % for the General English Subject in Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level).


Year 1

▪ Engineering Analysis
▪ Engineering Applications
▪ Programming
▪ Creativity, Enterprise and Scholarship
▪ Consumer Behaviour

Year 2

▪ Electronics and Electronic Engineering Practice
▪ Digital Electronics and Programmable Systems
▪ Introduction to Networking
▪ Systems Analysis and Database Design
▪ Cultural Communication

Year 2 Placement

▪ Industrial Placement 1

Year 3

▪ Power Engineering
▪ Electronic System Applications
▪ Electronic Systems
▪ Digital Systems
▪ Software Development 2
▪ Data Analytics for Business

Year 3 Placement

▪ Industrial Placement 2

Year 4

▪ Project
▪ Engineering Professionalism
▪ Power Electronics
▪ Power Systems Operation and Control
▪ Microcontroller Systems
▪ Real-Time Embedded Systems
▪ Machine Intelligence

Best is Next:

1 Telecommunications Engineer

2 Power Electronics and Systems Engineer

3 Hardware Design Engineer

4 Power Electronics Engineer

5 Software and Embedded Systems Engineer

6 Renewable Energy and Power Systems Engineer

7 Automation and Control Systems Engineer

8 Cybersecurity Engineer for IoT

9 AI and Robotics Engineer

10 Digital Signal Processing Engineer