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Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is a pre-university program for students who want to study at the Monash University. You will develop your skills and prepare for success in a supportive environment. Just as Monash is a passport to a fulfilling career and a rewarding life, MUFY is the passport to a rich learning experience at Monash University.


Designed by Monash academics, the MUFY program prepares students for admission into a wide range of Monash University undergraduate degrees, provided you meet the entry requirements and pre-requisites*.

  • • Guaranteed entry into first year of Monash University degrees. *r
  • • Choose from 12 subjects to suit your skills, interests and the degree you wish to apply for
  • • Student support to help you achieve your study goals.
  • • Targeted university preparation. You will develop the skills and confidence to succeed.

*Entry requirements into Monash College and Monash University apply

Entry Requirements*
  • • Minimum 16 years of Age (If you do not meet the age requirements, you may be offered a deferred place)
  • • Minimum 15 points at GCE O/L (Total score of the best 5 academic subjects only Grading scale: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 S/E=1)
  • • Meet Minimum English Language Requirement

*For a detail list of the entry requirements please visit Admissions link

Programme Structure

To complete the Foundation Year, you must pass a minimum of eight units. Each subject is taught as two units, for example: Unit 1 English; Unit 2 English. Each format has a different combination of units. Your unit combination may look like this:

  • • Unit 1 and 2 of English (compulsory)
  • • Unit 1 and 2 of two other subjects (comprehensive)
  • • and at least two additional units (free choice/electives)

Programme Modules

Foundation Year includes a range of subjects to suit your interests and goals. There are four important things to consider when deciding on which subjects you should study.

  • 1. You must study English – it is compulsory for all students.
  • 2. What are the prerequisites for your destination course? You will need to complete these to be eligible.
  • 3. Consider studying a Maths subject – many degrees require Maths.
  • 4. Think about what subjects interest you and what you do well in.

You will be assisted by our programme coordinator in selecting the right modules needed to for your destination degree.

Delivery Method

Assessments and Examinations

Assessment includes essays, reports, regular tests and a final exam.


<1 Year (Full Time)

Academic Progression Pathways

Once you have successfully completed your Foundation Year you are guaranteed entry into the first year of an undergraduate degree at Monash University, provided you meet the entry requirements and pre-requisites.

  • • MUFY provides Guaranteed* entry into 1st Year programme at Monash University.
  • • At successful completion of MUFY you get access to all 10 faculties at Monash University.
  • • Monash University Foundation Year is recognized by all Australian Universities.


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