International Students

An ancient civilization stretching back over 2500 years, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the beautiful island paradise in South Asia is a must see destination for any traveler. filled with beautiful landscapes, rising mountains, lush forests, ocean like tanks and gushing waterfalls and the golden beaches, it’s a traveler’s paradise.

Surrounded by beautiful beaches coasting the Indian Ocean, travelling to the center of the island you will find governing mountains with lush green tea gardens and roaring waterfalls. Further when you travel to the north central of the island where the kings’ ones ruled you will experience the proud heritage Sri Lanka holds, the historical ruins speak for itself of the modern civilization, oceans like tanks, well planned town systems, irrigation projects and the rock fortresses of the kings are mesmerizing.

The modern capital of Sri Lanka in the western province, Colombo is an international trade hub which houses many multi nationals with one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

In literacy, Sri Lanka is right at the top with Free Health Care and Education (from primary to tertiary Education) to all citizens. Known to be one of the most hospitable nations in the world Sri Lanka will host you to a lasting experience. While many of them speak English, the other two most spoken languages in the country are Sinhala and Tamil.