UCL faculty

Dr. Devangi Perera

-Lecturer / Program Coordinator

  • Academic Qualifications:

    PhD (Monash University, Malaysia)

    Bachelors in Business Communication (Hons) (Monash University, Malaysia)

  • Teaching Expertise:


    Economics of Labour Markets

  • Research Expertise:

    Economics of Education

    Development Economics

    Social Capital

Dr. Dhananjay Kulkarni

-Dean of Academic Affairs

  • Academic Qualifications:

    PhD (University of California, USA)

    MSc (University of California, USA)

    BEng (University of Pune, India)

  • Professional Qualifications/Certifications:

    Certificate in Teaching Principles and Practice

  • Teaching Expertise:

    Algorithms, Database Systems, Information Security

  • Research/Consultancy Expertise:

    Databases - Big Data Analytics, Optimization Techniques for Streaming Data

    Information Security - Secure Authentication Techniques, Image Forensics

    Computer-aided Teaching and Learning Tools

Dr. Madhavi Pahalagedara.


  • Academic Qualifications:

    PhD (University of Connecticut, CT, USA)

    B.Sc. (University of Peradeniya) Honours (Chemistry)

  • Professional Qualifications/Certifications:

    Masterton Excellency in Teaching Award

  • Teaching Expertise:

    Undergraduate General Chemistry (Theory), General Chemistry (Laboratory), Inorganic Chemistry

  • Research/Consultancy Expertise:

    Applied surfactant, colloidal science, adhesives and binders.

    Organic small molecule synthesis, and synthesis and characterization of mesoporous materials, metal oxide nanoparticles and sol-gel chemistry.

    Solid state synthesis of conductive ceramic materials.

    Formulation of thin films with dip coating and spray coating techniques.

    Fabrication of organic sulfur removal adsorbents and industrial dye pollutant adsorbents.

    Thin film deposition on copper substrates using dip coating and spray coating techniques.

Dr. Nilanka Gurusinghe

– Sr. Lecturer

  • Academic Qualifications:

    PhD (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)

    MSc (Bowling Green State University, USA)

    BSc (University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)

  • Teaching Expertise:

    Engineering Physics, General physics, Petroleum engineering

  • Research/Consultancy Expertise:

    Enhanced Oil recovery (EOR).

    Characterization of rheological and thermodynamic properties of novel gas soluble surfactants.

    Mobility studies of photo-injected charges in Molecularly Doped Polymers (MDPs).

    optoelectronic properties of thin film n-type ZnS on p-type Si substrate semiconductor hetero-structure.

    Fabrication and characterization of ternary CdSxTe1-x semiconductor quantum dots with both homogeneous and gradient composition.

    Fabrication and emission stability studies on colloidal hetero-structured CdTe/ZnSe core-shell nano-crystals

Mr. Nalith Fernando


  • Academic Qualifications:

    MSc in Financial Mathematics (University of Colombo)

    BSc in Physical Sciences (University of Sri Jayewardenepura)

    M.Phil. in Mathematical Modelling - Reading

  • Professional Qualifications/Certifications:

    Postgraduate Diploma in Education (University of Colombo)

  • Teaching Expertise:

    Mathematics, Pure Mathematics

Ms. Ayami Tennekoon

– Sr. Lecturer

  • Academic Qualifications:

    MSc Instructional Design and Development (University of South Alabama, USA)

    BA (Hons) English Literature (University of Colombo)

  • Professional Qualifications/Certifications:

    Certificate in Teaching IELTS (2007), London Teacher Training College (LTTC), UK.

    Licentiate Teacher’s Diploma in Speech and Drama (LTCL) - (1994), Trinity College of London.

  • Teaching Expertise:

    Communication, English language, English literature, Business English, English for specific purposes including IELTS preparation, Academic skills, career development and organizational behaviour.

  • Research/Consultancy Expertise:

    General Conversational English, Business English, English for Sales, English for Customer Service and Technical Writing for specific corporate clients.

    Workshops on a variety of topics including Presentations, Professional Writing Negotiation Skills, Telephone Etiquette, Personal Grooming and the Management of Change, Stress and Time .

    IELTS preparation, intercultural communication and effective instructional design models.

Ms. Kaleeka Ekanayake

-Sr. Lecturer / Program Coordinator

  • Academic Qualifications:

    Master of Information Systems Management - (Hawthorn, Australia)

    Bachelor of Business Information Systems - (Hawthorn, Australia)

    Diploma in BCS Professional Examination - (Sri Lanka)

    Diploma in Computer Systems Design - (NIBM – Sri Lanka)

  • Teaching Expertise:

    Business information systems, Management information systems

  • Research/Consultancy Expertise:

    Major costs involved in and benefits realization of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems implementation in Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME)