Monash University Foundation Year
Your Pathway to a World Top 100 University Degree
Universal College Lanka (UCL), the exclusive partner in Sri Lanka for Monash College, is one of the best emerging tertiary
institutes in Sri Lanka. Its first anniversary was marked in October 2016 and has been a journey of successful academic
UCL’s outstanding academic standards were seen in its first academic year where it produced five world toppers in
diploma courses. In the first semester, Binura Gunasekara and Maleesha Samarasekara won the world prizes for
computing for Engineering and chemistry respectively. In the second semester UCL was yet again successful in achieving
another three world prizes where both Randhita Nanayakkara and Anuradha Adikaram won world prizes for
Microeconomics and Ashfaq Ahamed for Physics.
Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is one of the courses that UCL offers to its students. It is a pre-university
programme that prepares students for the entry into first year at Monash University. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that, it
allows students to choose subjects and tailor their studies to suit the university degree they would like to pursue in the
future. After completing the Foundation Year, and achieving the required minimum marks to start a degree, the student is
guaranteed a place in the first year of the undergraduate degree at Monash University. The standard and curriculum for
the MUFY programme is world-renowned, and it is accepted as an entry qualification in many leading Australian
This week Vihanga Pathirana, top student in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) unit 2 in the MUFY
programme shared his thoughts and experience of his UCL life. Following are excerpts of the interview;
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Vihanga Pathirana. I studied at St. Joseph’s college Colombo. I have one
brother and he is doing his AL’s.
What is the field you chose for your higher education? What led you to choose that
particular field?
I chose engineering for my higher education because of two reasons: one that I felt that
engineering is one of the key professions that lead innovation and progress in this
world and I felt that I will be able to do well if I select that field. The other reason is that
I was inspired by my father’s work who is also working in the same field.
What are your goals in life and how are you preparing yourself to achieve them?
My main goal is to obtain knowledge on mechanical engineering by completing a 4-year degree at Monash University.
After I complete my degree I would like to work in the Engineering field for some years and gain experience. Then I would
like to start something on my own in Sri Lanka.
Even though I am still in the initial stages of learning the subject of Engineering, I try to do my best in all my assignments
and exams. I plan my work every day and it helps me to do my studies methodically.
Why did you choose Monash University to do your higher studies?
It is simply because Monash University is one of the best universities in the world and it is ranked number 1 in Engineering
and Technology in Australia. I didn’t get enough marks to enter into a local university so I think by following the MUFY
programme I get the opportunity to follow a 4 year degree programme in Engineering. I am someone who believes in
second chances and Monash is giving me another chance to continue my studies in the field I like.
What made you select Australia or Malaysia for your Higher Education?
Australia and Malaysia are countries that have given priority to education and research. I think I will be able to follow a
very good degree programme in either one of these countries.
Why did you select UCL to start your academic journey?
UCL provides the opportunity to follow the foundation (MUFY) course and the first year in engineering (Diploma) right
here in Sri Lanka. That is very economical and I’m able to stay two years with my parents while I study for my degree. UCL
also has an exceptional panel of lecturers who are there to guide and support the students all the time. We also get to
study in a breath taking location with all the essential facilities. UCL has a very good library and IT as well as chemistry and
physics laboratories to conduct experiments.
How would you describe your experience at UCL?
I always felt like home at UCL, mainly because the lecturers have been very helpful and supported me throughout the
foundation course. With their help in class I managed to do well in my studies and achieve good results in the final exams.
UCL not only focuses on studies but also gives students chances to have a good time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the
orientation, Fresher’s Night and at the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations.
Would you recommend UCL to anyone else who wish to start his/her Monash degree in Sri Lanka?
Yes. I would certainly recommend UCL because it’s the best place to study an international degree right here in Sri Lanka.
Vihanga’s Parents
What advice do you wish to give as a parent to other parents who are on the lookout for higher education
opportunities for their children?
I think parents should select a university which has a good reputation, when they are choosing a university for their child.
It is also important to be able to properly understand what field your child is interested in.
What made you choose to start in Sri Lanka and proceed to Australia?
Australian universities provide foundation pathways for students who want to join their degree programmes. UCL
provides the opportunity of completing foundation and the 1st year right here in Sri Lanka, making it more affordable.
As a parent are you satisfied with the facilities provided at UCL?
Yes. The facilities that are essential for a university life such as student recreation, labs and library facilities are provided at
UCL. It has a good library where students can refer the books as well as study in a calm environment. It also gives the
students an international exposure and students not only get an academic surrounding at UCL but it also provides
students opportunities to participate in a lot of extracurricular activities and thereby sharpening their social skills.
Why will you recommend UCL to anyone wanting to pursue an Australian Degree?
I would recommend UCL because it has an excellent panel of lecturers, who are proven leaders in their respective fields.
The practical knowledge that UCL focuses on is invaluable in connecting with real world challenges. The staff are
courteous and friendly and are always ready to assist with the students learning process. Most importantly, UCL is a
platform to join Monash University which is one of the leading universities in Australia.
UCL invites all of you who wish to start your Australian dream right here in Sri Lanka. Come join us, to start your academic
career with an exceptional learning experience at an affordable price. We give you the best experience of a university life
with highly qualified and experienced panel of lecturers and facilities.
Write to UCL on or contact us on 0774 777 000 for further information. You are also welcome to visit us at UCL
#503, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Rajagiriya.