Commence Your British Degree with, UCL International Foundation Year (UIFY)
Established with the vision of providing guaranteed pathways for Sri Lankan students to enter into
globally ranked top universities, Universal College Lanka (UCL) is in an exclusive partnership with
Monash College Australia and University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC). With the
current partnerships providing pathway programmes to students in selected various disciplines in
Australia and Malaysia, UCL recently partnered with University of Central Lancashire, UK to provide
full Degree programmes for students aspiring to complete undergraduate and postgraduate education in Sri Lanka from a
globally reputed UK university.
Why should one follow a Foundation programme to begin Higher Education?
A University Foundation as the name itself implies is a pre-university qualification which is ideally suitable for students
wanting to begin higher education with O’ Level qualification. It is a stepping stone which provides you the basis needed
to succeed in university education.
UCL International Foundation Year
The International Foundation Year provides the pathway for students to develop the skills and knowledge required to
commence their undergraduate studies in selected disciplines. At successful completion of the IFY students can directly
enter in to the Year 1 of a Degree programme offered by University of Central Lancashire in Sri Lanka.
What do students learn in the programme?
The programme emphasizes on developing the students core competencies on English Language & Communication Skills
with a focus on preparing students for higher studies and specialized modules in Computing and Business to be able to
proceed towards undergraduate studies.
• Language (English) Skills
The module aims to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking and
enables you to acquire a broad range of knowledge which you can use to confidently
and effectively communicate in English.
• Communication Skills
Equips you with the essential study skills needed to succeed at university level. You
will learn the basic skills necessary to conduct independent research, write academic
papers, give formal oral presentations.
• Analytical & Problem Solving Skills
Builds upon your existing knowledge in the area of mathematics whilst introducing new topics appropriate across a range
of academic disciplines for your career.
• Subject specific Skills (Foundations)
These modules will form the basis for the destination degree you intend to do. The UCL foundation offers you
specialization subjects in Computing and Business.
What are the entry requirements to the programme?
Are you a high performer? Looking at graduating at a younger age? Then this is an opportunity to grab as soon as you
complete your O/Ls. The foundation programme is not just limited to students who complete their O/Ls, but can be used
as a bridging programme to students who do not meet the minimum entry criteria of university admissions after their
What’s next after the UCL Foundation (UIFY)?
Upon successful completion of the programme students may enter the 1st year of the following degree programmes
offered by University of Central Lancashire in Sri Lanka or transfer your credits to other UK universities.
• BSc (Hons) Software Engineering*
• BA (Hons) International Business*
*Subject to Approval.
UCL focuses on creating a learning culture that will give students a great learning experience in pursuing their higher
education right here in Sri Lanka. UCL is becoming students’ first choice in starting their Higher Education due to: superior
academic delivery through the highly qualified, experienced and committed panel of lecturers; small classrooms with
individual attention to the students; the teaching and learning methods which are at the international standards and its
close and unique collaboration with their partner institutions.
Opening doors to those students aspiring to start their higher education qualifications from a reputed university right here
in Sri Lanka, UCL provides opportunities for you to embark on your dream at an affordable investment while experiencing
the same quality of education and learning experience. With quality assurance being the core of UCL, a highly qualified
and experienced panel of lecturers and a state-of-the-art facility in Colombo, the students’ learning experience at UCL will
gear them to be world-class professionals.
Write to UCL on or contact us on 0774 777 000 for further information. You are also welcome to visit us at UCL
#503, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Rajagiriya.
Reasons to Start your Higher Education with UCL Foundation (UIFY)
Students get an opportunity to start early, just after O-Levels and start a degree within one year.
Teaching is done by an experienced panel of lecturers who are PhD or MSc/MBA qualified and experts in their
respective subjects
Small class sizes (maximum of 25) enables individual attention and better teacher-student interaction.
Students become equipped with international-level skills and practices to pursue higher education.
Students study in a beautiful lake-side and safe location, with state-of-the-art facilities